Analyse and evaluate research data within a housing environment

Business Sectors (Suites): Strategic Housing
Developed by: Asset Skills
Approved on: 27 Feb 2015


This standard is about analysing and evaluating research data (both qualitative and quantitative). You will need to select the appropriate analysis methods which fit the research objective and be able to critically evaluate the findings. You will work for a local authority, housing group or housing association where the analysis and evaluation of research data will help inform decision making. You will be required to present your findings to senior management teams, stakeholders or governance boards.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 define and agree the purpose and objectives of the research
P2 locate and select appropriate data sources which comply with ethical and business requirements and data protection legislation
P3 organise data in a format which will allow for the required analysis
P4 select methods of analysis relevant to achieving the objectives for the research
P5 apply appropriate statistical analysis techniques
P6 check the accuracy of the analysis
P7 critically evaluate the data
P8 present the data in a format suitable for the intended audience

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1 the purpose and objectives of the research
K2 the different types of data sources available and where to find them
K3 the legislative, ethical and business requirements for the use and storage of information and data protection
K4 techniques for ensuring that data is prepared appropriately for analysis
K5 the principles, strengths and limitations of a range of analysis techniques
K6 how to select and use statistical techniques which are appropriate to given research objectives
K7 how to critically evaluate  data findings
K8 the importance of presenting data in a format understandable for the intended audience and techniques for achieving this


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Housing Manager, Housing Strategy Officer

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research data; analyse; evaluate