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Documents14 Sep 2020
The Terms of Reference for the NOS Governance Group have now been reviewed and updated.
Approved14/09/2020 11:09Keith Spalding14/09/2020 11:09Keith Spalding
Documents08 Sep 2020
The following products have been awarded for development/review in the 20/21.
Approved08/09/2020 09:32Keith Spalding14/09/2020 15:31Keith Spalding
Documents20 Aug 2020
Update from NOS GG Q1 20/21
Approved20/08/2020 14:19Keith Spalding20/08/2020 14:19Keith Spalding
Quality13 Jul 2020
Presentation and documents from call on 13th July 2020
Approved13/07/2020 14:07Keith Spalding14/07/2020 09:28Keith Spalding
Documents26 May 2020
Update on progress from Q4 19/20
Approved26/05/2020 09:49Keith Spalding26/05/2020 09:49Keith Spalding
Documents01 Apr 2020
Message for the NOS Governance Group and Standards & Frameworks Panel
Approved01/04/2020 13:19Keith Spalding01/04/2020 13:19Keith Spalding
Documents09 Mar 2020
The NOS Governance Group are delighted to release V2 of the 5- year plan.
Approved09/03/2020 16:13Keith Spalding09/03/2020 16:15Keith Spalding
Documents20 Jan 2020
Update on progress from the NOS Governance Group for Q3 2019/20
Approved20/01/2020 11:41Keith Spalding09/03/2020 16:14Keith Spalding
Documents03 Dec 2019
The NOS Governance Group provides the strategic direction for the National Occupational Standards (NOS). The Group comprises:
Representatives from the Devolved Administrations  & Skills Development Scotland 
Approved03/12/2019 14:55Keith Spalding09/03/2020 16:14Keith Spalding
Documents19 Nov 2019
These documents are available to support the development of NOS.
Approved19/11/2019 11:30Keith Spalding19/11/2019 11:30Keith Spalding
Documents19 Nov 2019
When considering self-funded NOS development the attached document should be completed and forwarded to for consideration by the Standards & Frameworks Panel.
Approved19/11/2019 10:50Keith Spalding23/01/2020 13:25Keith Spalding
Quality18 Nov 2019
After review by the NOS Governance Group and the Standards & Frameworks Panel, the NOS Quality Criteria has now been updated, This should be implemented from this point forward.
Approved18/11/2019 13:05Keith Spalding14/08/2020 14:02Keith Spalding